American Indian Issues

Cogent Analysis Group provides policy, economic and technical analyses in support of tribes, other governments and private sector approaches to addressing issues in Indian country. Cogent Analysis Group’s goal is to assist our clients in understanding, benefiting from, and interacting with government policy, laws and regulations, markets, and technology in order to inform their decisions when dealing with American Indian-related opportunities.

In particular, Cogent Analysis Group has demonstrated expertise in:

  • Analysis of land and trust fund/asset mismanagement claims
    • Litigation support
    • Economic modeling
      • Oil and gas/mineral revenues
      • Timber revenues
      • Grazing revenues
      • Rights-of-way revenues
      • Agricultural revenues
  • Identification and financing of new economic development opportunities
    • Development of Tribal Energy Resource Agreements
    • Climate change related opportunities in clean energy development, land use and Forestry practices
    • New business opportunities tailored to the specific circumstances of the Tribe and its reservation
    • Infrastructure development and financing
  • Land reunification assistance – use of innovative loan and loan guarantee legislation to acquire funds for repurchase of fractionated interests in lands within reservations
  • Tribal governance and structure needs (including Records, Property and Financial Management)
  • Section 638 guidance