Conventional and Alternative Energy: Policy and Development

Cogent Analysis Group provides policy, economic and technical analyses in support of government and private sector energy technology and development programs and projects. Cogent Analysis Group’s goal is to assist our clients in understanding, benefiting from, and interacting with government policy, laws and regulations, markets, and technology in order to inform their decisions when confronting conventional and alternative energy opportunities.

In particular, Cogent Analysis Group has demonstrated expertise in:

  • Oil and Natural Gas - including leasing and operations
  • Coal - including leasing, operations and reclamation
  • Oil Shale - including leasing, R&D, and demonstration
  • Geothermal - including leasing and operations
  • Energy Efficiency - including facility energy management, sustainable new building design, energy and water retrofits, and financing
  • Electricity - including distributed generation, combined heat and power, and transmission
  • Waste-to-Energy - including plasma-based electricity production via its Cogent Energy Systems subsidiary
  • Wind - including R&D, siting, leasing and operations
  • Solar - including R&D, siting, leasing and operations
  • Offshore alternate energy - including wind, waves, and tidal
  • Energy Rights-of-way - on Indian and Federal lands including the development of energy corridors
  • Energy Infrastructure and Facilities - including siting and construction